We need your support to meet our ambitious goals for 2018 events & projects, we have decided to simplify the membership dues structure starting in 2018 to be annual dues running from February through December to be due each year on Feb 1.

Membership rates for 2018 are below:

    • Less – than 5 Employees = $100
    • Greater – than 5 Employees = $200
    • Sponsorships = $300 (contact us for details)
  • Non-Member Attendance Fee = $20 after 1st Visit

Membership Policy  for 2018 are below:

    • Potential new members will be allowed to attend 1 meeting for FREE
    • Members can bring guests for FREE but the guest attendance will count toward that’s guest 1 time visit for free.
  • Members fees will be pro-rated from time of membership admission.

For more information on Membership or Sponsorships, please mail me at

Please mail or bring your checks to the Next meeting made out to:

2505 Burch Point,
High Point, NC 27265

Let’s make 2018 GREAT together! Join the FUN!