Gregg has over 30 years of furniture manufacturing background and has led operation teams from all segments to his current role as Senior Manufacturing Manager at Hightower Group, an innovative market leader and manufacturer for the contract furniture industry located in High Point, NC.

His Lean Manufacturing certification steered his focus in keeping the local cottage industry of suppliers in the High Point, NC region working. As creator and co-founder of the NCFI, Gregg’s passion for growing the local furniture industry was sparked by seeing the continuing struggle of local manufacturers and suppliers in High Point over the last 10 years. Gregg developed an interest in the trade at his grandfather’s woodworking shop in Rocky Mount, Virginia where he grew up. It was there that he also witnessed the closing of Lane Furniture, the first of many to come to Virginia and North Carolina.

In this High Point region, we’ve got too much capacity and too many wonderful craftsmen in this town to just allow it to dissolve. By networking together we can leave this industry better than we found it. That is the goal of the NCFI!
GREGG ARRINGTON can be reached at gregg.arrington@hightoweraccess.com or by mobile phone at 336.870.8402


After thirty years as an innovative entrepreneur and business builder, profitable business growth is Dave’s passion. He has served in major profit & loss roles for multiple strategic planning and operational organizations. Dave has the experience needed to create value built on a foundation of strategic executive leadership; the ability to develop and motivate high-performance teams; provide leadership overseeing the development of innovative products, processes, and business models; and hands-on experience in all aspects of business, from design, sales & marketing, product & brand development, and procurement strategies.

His newest venture is iSculptorNew World CGI. A creative company which offers 3D virtual product development, imagery & animations as a service to the Home Furnishings industry.

His passion for NCFI was bringing good people together to help each other’s business & the community that we live in!

DAVE SPRINGETT is the President /Founder at iSculptor New World CGI and can be contacted via email, via phone at (336) 442.2321, or 1200-101 Eastchester Drive, High Point, NC 27265